What a WORK OUT !!!

Yesterday, was my Memorial Day celebration.My family had a memorial day celebration along with my grandmothers birthday. Let me tell you a little bit about my grandmother, she is 70 years old (I think, she doesn’t tell anyone her age and I am just doing some math so don’t quote me on that one) and she goes to line dancing classes at least twice a week. Well, one of her favorite things to do every time our family gets together or have a party, she gets everyone on the dance floor and teach her line dancing steps. She is so cute because she carries her line dancing CD with her at all times. So, yesterday was a day filled with LOTS of line dancing and it was a WORK OUT!!!! We did every line dance that you could image; the wobble, cupid shuffle, electric slide, four corners, the rodeo shuffle, quick step and many more. I loved the work out so much I have decided to incorporate two days of line dancing into my workout regimen because I like to have fun and enjoy myself while working out.


Vitamin B2 does a Body Good

Vitamin B are essential for our bodily functions, they play an important role in turning food into energy and other needed substances.Vitamin B-complexes provides the human body with eight essential vitamins out of the 13 that we need. All B-complex vitamins are water soluble they are absolutely essential for necessary metabolic processes such as red blood cell synthesis and the production of energy.

According to Dr. Oz, vitamin B2 helps the thyroid function properly and takes care of your metabolism. Vitamin B2 is crucial for the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.  People who exercise daily are actually losing B2 by using up their supply of the vitamin.By drinking three glasses of 2% Milk a day you will help your body FIGHT FAT!!!

Donna Summer

LaDonna Adrian Gaines aka Donna Summer (December 31,1948-May 17,2012) the Queen of Disco, passed away today from lung cancer. Her music brought in a new genre of music in the 70’s that rocked its way into the 80’s. A seventeen time grammy nominated artist, winning five awards will be truly missed. Rest In Peace to our Queen of Disco!!!

In Conclusion…..

ImageJust came across this GREAT information from “The Firm” and thought it could be an article that would help us all. Let me know your thoughts and which number are YOU!!!

Critical to weight loss and long-term weight management is knowing when you’re hungry, what to eat for that hunger, and when to stop eating once you feel full.
To help my clients with this challenge, I created an easy tool I call “appestat” — an appetite thermostat — to describe the body’s hunger and fullness cues. Learning how to read your “appestat” will give you a new understanding of feeling hungry or full.

Step 1: Learn to read your appestat

Take a look at the appetite gauge below. I’m sure you can relate to these feelings.

Then, for the next week, keep a simple journal indicating your hunger or fullness through the day.

After you’ve completed a few days of the journal, go to Step 2 and learn how to adjust your eating patterns for satiety, weight loss and weight management.

Appetite Gauge

5: You’re absolutely stuffed! You’re so full you feel nauseous. This likely occurs after a feast, such as Thanksgiving, or after a binge.
4: You’re uncomfortably full. You feel bloated. This can occur after a restaurant meal where you eat an appetizer, dinner and dessert all within 30-40 minutes.
3: You’re perfectly comfortable. You feel satisfied. This feeling usually follows a healthy, balanced meal. You may find a slight yearning for a sweet with this sensation, but it will go away within 5-10 minutes if left alone.
2: You’re slightly uncomfortable. You’re just beginning to feel hungry. This usually sets in two to three hours after a balanced meal. This feeling should be a red flag to find a meal or snack that contains protein, carbs and fat as soon as possible.
1: You’re very uncomfortable, and feel weak and lightheaded. You’re unable to concentrate. This type of hunger usually sets in if you’ve skipped a meal, or if you’ve not eaten any protein all day long. If this is a frequent occurrence, be sure to keep a healthy snack — such as almonds or a string cheese — on hand at all times!

Step 2: Use your appestat to manage your hunger

If you’ve learned that you’re mostly rating a 4 or 5 on the appestat, meaning you’re frequently feeling too full, try these techniques:

  • Eat more slowly. Aim to chew each bite of food 10-15 times, and put your fork down in between bites.
  • Wait 10 minutes until you go back for second helpings.
  • Divide your meals into two servings that are eaten two hours apart.

If you find that you’re continually rating a one or two, meaning you’re perpetually hungry, try these techniques:

  • Don’t let more than three hours go by without eating a meal or a snack.
  • Always include a protein, carb and fat in your meal or snack.
  • Make sure that you’re consuming ample calories and that these calories are spread evenly throughout the day. You may want to bulk up your breakfast meal and let the calories taper as the day goes on.

If you find that you’re consistently rating a 3, meaning you’re pretty satisfied most of the day, congratulations! You’re likely eating a balanced diet, with four to six mini-meals and snacks throughout the day. Keep up the good work.

More appetite facts to chew on

The power of protein and water

If you feel hungry, but know that you’ve had a balanced meal within the last hour, consider adding more protein and/or water to your diet.

One major side effect of dehydration or protein depletion is hunger, even when you’re receiving ample calories. So be sure to refill your water bottle and to include lean protein at each meal and snack.

The exercise phenomenon

Over the long run, exercise will increase your appetite; however, you may find that immediately after exercising, you’ve no appetite at all. Beware of this sensation. This almost-nauseous feeling is likely due to the wonderful blood-sugar control that you have after exercise, but within 30-60 minutes you will likely feel famished, ready to eat anything that is not nailed down. In order to prevent any nutritional mishaps, be sure to have a meal or snack planned out within 30-45 minutes after completing your workout.

Another thing to keep in mind: It is all right to start your workout feeling mildly hungry. A small snack before starting your workout is OK, but too much food in your tummy can drag you down.

Fish…Fruits & Vegetables

I know the weight I have gained 50lbs over the past 10yrs are not going to vanish over night, in 1 month or maybe even in a year. It took me 10yrs to gain 50lbs its definitely not going to take me 30-90 days to take it off. Considering that I have been working out for 10 days now (working out 3-4 days per week) I am not seeing the results I would like to see. I still have my high stomach, not so prominent but not where I would like it to be and my thighs feel like they are getting bigger instead of trimming down so, on I have decided to change my regimen. I have adopted a workout buddy, added my very own 10cissors that will cut, tone and strengthen my body and cut everything out of my nutrition regimen except for Fish…Fruits & Vegetables (except for breakfast where I will have my oatmeal, eggs, cereals, waffles , etc…just NO MEAT!!!). I will check in 10 days to see what my NEW regimen has done for me.

Yes, my workout buddy is my Girdle. A girdle will firm and accentuate my curves the same curves I want to have when I am not in my girdle, so why not exercise with my girdle.  I exercise with my girdle so the weight I want to cut knows where to fall off first and my thighs know the size they should be and my core knows to stay tight!!!!

Day 1…workout with high intensity cardio for 45mins; Nutrition: Breakfast: Oatmeal with blueberries & bananas,and chopped walnuts, Lunch; Tilapia tostada w/ pico de gallo, green beans with fresh lime juice, Dinner: Shrimp Fettuccine w/green salad. Water & green tea all day.