250K Grant!!!!

I have been on the grind for this past week in getting all of my family and friends to vote for my company “Curvy Girl Experience”. Curvy Girl Experience is…A Unique Form Fitting clothing line for the Everyday Woman. I am asking all of my readers to show your support in helping me win this 250K grant by voting for “Curvy Girl Experience”.
All it takes is 5 simple steps. Please take the time and Show your Support!!!!

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Thanks for the support!!!


Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

PMDD—is the most severe form of PMS. The main difference between the two syndromes is the severity of their symptoms. The main feature of PMDD is the degree to which it interferes with work and relationships. The underlying cause of PMDD symptoms is physical, not psychological, or emotional, or mental. And although the precise mechanism is not completely understood and is still the subject of much research and debate, we do know that PMDD and PMS, and the type of emotions and thoughts and behaviors that can occur in the days and weeks before the period, are caused by hormonal and biochemical changes in a woman’s body.

A formal diagnosis of PMDD requires that a woman’s symptoms be present for most of the week before her period, that those symptoms resolve within a few days of the onset of her period, and then not return in the week after her period. Five of the following symptoms must have been present during most menstrual cycles in the past year, and must be marked or severe:

Reference: http://www.pmscomfort.com

Wow…after reading about myself and what I go through every month just had me speechless. I deal with my PMDD with prayer and exercise…Get’s me  going and always keeps my mood in check.

The Early Bird…Gets the Worm

I went to bed last night feeling depressed, not understanding what was wrong with me and why did I feel like ughhhhh. Until my better half said you just ate those chili cheese fries and ruined the hard work you just put into your workout. As, I looked down at myself and turned to him and said, “I didn’t even work out today”, while staring at myself in the mirror. I realized at that very moment I was in my workout clothes all day waiting to be motivated to put on my sneakers and get my workout in for the day. I then start to ask myself, “how will I motivate others to take this Journey with me when I can’t even motivate myself to be consistent  on my own Journey?” After, talking out loud two things came to me; I will motivate people through the way I live my life on this Journey and my better half advising me to give it GOD. So, before I went to bed I said a prayer about the strength I needed to have to be on this fitness Journey and when I woke up for my morning prayer with my better half before he rushed off to work, I kept hearing someone say…The Early Bird Gets the Worm and then I laid back down but I couldn’t get back into a deep sleep because I kept hearing….The Early Bird Gets the Worm and at that very moment I got up out of my bed put on my workout clothes and my sneakers and workout with The Firm in a  high intense Cardio routine. After I finished my workout, I gave thanks to GOD for putting, The Early Bird Gets the Worm in my ear. I  realized today The Early Bird does get the Worm, I feel great and my mood is in check all because I started my day off with a GREAT workout!!!!!

San Francisco

ImageI am sorry about not posting as frequent as I usually do but again I made a sacrifice from my own schedule to take care of my daughters’ new need. My daughter has been accepted to San Francisco State University (Go Gators)Image and her orientation was this pass weekend. So, we took a trip up to San Francisco on Thursday and we came back on Sunday but made a pit stop in LA and then came home Monday night. Our trip to San Francisco was like no other. I am a San Franciscan in heart, I usually travel to that part of California 3-4 times a year to enjoy myself with my Boo, but it was definitely a different trip with the kids. Every day we were there we left the hotel around 7:30am and didn’t come home until after midnight. We walk all day while enjoying the San Francisco scenery. So, even though I did not follow my workout regimen I was on the MOVE for 30+ more minutes a day and I thought it was going to be hard to get my work out in, yeah San Francisco fooled me.