Living in the Moment

“To often we become discouraged by the lack of progress we see in our lives. We need to measure our achievements, accomplishments, and success in small step. God didn’t create the world in one day- He took it step by step and looked backed each day and said it was good”. Take time to live in the moment and recognize where you have come from and all of the trials and tribulations you have come through. Thank GOD for the blessings that you have and the blessing he has planned for you. Have a Blessed Sunday!!!!(Genesis 1:31)


I’m Inspired

Yesterday I had a conversation with one of our Girls and she stated she had a hard time sticking to the #nomeatjourney considering that she doesn’t eat seafood and she is allergic to citrus she wanted to know what else could she eat besides eggs even though she only really eats chicken, but she really wants to do something to loose the weight since she could not button up her Levis yesterday morning. So, the only thing I could suggest was to wear 5lbs ankles weights on each ankle during work since she is up and walking all day everyday. But now this morning I have on my thinking cap and I think I might have a plan for her if she is willing to give up meat at least 4 days a week…I know I can help her loose the weight she wants to loose as long as we work together…#supportingTeamCurvyGirl

Nursely Duties!!!!

Sorry, for the non post on 09/25/12 I was doing my nursely duties. I woke up in the morning and completed my 2 hour drop off with my kids and husband and when I arrived back at home. I barely had enough time to eat breakfast and take a shower and throw my clothes on. Before I can get everything done my ride came so I had to quickly gather my things and my food and my new favorite tea (green tea with blueberry and acai). Off to the doctors I went. I accompanied my cousin to the doctors office so I can ask the questions and explain to my cousin in lament terms what the MD was saying. After the doctors office I had to come home and start my 2 hour pick up but this time I added an HOUR walk in the Marina it was nice and I needed it from all the running I was doing. Being there for everyone is a job within its own….wheew I’m beat!!

You Can’t Break My Spirits!!!!

Today was not a good day for me the devil was at his best today and I am so blessed to have GOD shining on my side bold and strong….after all the work the devil put into me today I didn’t break I am still on this #nomeatjourney. I had my on the GO meal which was apple cinnamon oatmeal from McDonald’s with hot tea and after doing my 2hr drop off I came home and had a glass of my new favorite tea (green tea with blueberry and acai) then for lunch I had grilled cheese with tomato soup, ate a snack on my way to court; string cheese and then after picking up the kids and husband had 2 bean burritos from Taco Bell. Since, I will be on the Go tomorrow hopefully I can find better meals.

Make time for Breakfast!!!!

This is what I eat when I’m on the GO!!!!

I start my day with a FULL PLATE being that I am a student; a career woman, mother, and wife,   some days I go without breakfast which I have always been told that it is the most important meal of the day.  Eating breakfast can improve your body in several ways, it JUMP STARTS your day by improving your energy levels; it fuels your brain which increases your thinking ability to keep you on top of your game mentally and your lifts mood for the rest of the day. According to,”The Commander Navy Installations Command recommends eating breakfast within 30 minutes of waking to jump-start your metabolism. Certified Personal Trainer Shaun Horner says to eat within an hour after you wake up. Nutritionist Brierly Wright states you don’t need to make breakfast the very first thing you do every day. Obviously there is no hard-and-fast rule for how soon you should eat your breakfast. But try to eat breakfast as soon as is comfortable for you — the longer you wait to eat, the greater the risk your metabolism will slow, shifting into starvation mode in response to the lack of food”(

Let’s face it Breakfast is the most important part of the day and if we don’t eat it we will be at risk of  a higher cholesterol and an increase in blood sugar and a day feeling of incompleteness. If you get busy stop in a drive through and order what’s healthy or grab some Greek yogurt and some fruit and you will feel just fine…Don’t knock it until you try it!!! Breakfast, That is!!!!!!