Who’s Running your Marketing Department?????

After reading about the 50 Million Dollar deal with singer, actress Beyoncé Knowles withbeyonce 50 million dollar deal Pepsi, all I can say is THANK GOD I don’t drink soda any more.  Pepsi couldn’t find anything better to do with $50,000,000.00 but give it to someone who doesn’t need $50,000,000.00. Is Pepsi stock that bad that they needed a celebrities face on the Pepsi can? Pepsi could have done so much more with 50 million dollars. They could have created a campaign about feeding the hungry. The campaign could have been people holding hands around the can showing how we come together as a Nation to feed the hungry and all proceeds could have went to feeding the hungry. This would have been well worth over the 50 million dollars they paid Beyoncé.  Now on the other hand, if I remember Beyoncé was on “The Move” campaign to fight childhood obesity across the nation with Michelle Obama and now she signs a deal that will send children straight for the soda can. I am appalled. I thought Beyoncé was the celebrity who fought for a great cause not turn on the cause for a huge meal ticket.  This doesn’t sit well with me and I’m pretty sure it is not sitting well with anyone else. But if I am in this by myself then let me speak and speak loudly.  Let’s start thinking about what is right and not what could make us the most money even if it means my ethics goes out of the window. In order for us to BE BETTER we have to DO Better!!!