Christmas 2012

christmas 2011Since Christmas is two days award what is Christmas really about for you and your family?

Growing up in a family of fifty plus Christmas has always been a challenge for us, so my Bigmama (grandmother) started a tradition that would allow everyone in the family to receive a gift from a Secret Santa.  So, every year someone in the family host the Family Christmas Breakfast. The hosted family cooks an immaculate breakfast with all of the trimmings and then one of the children in the family plays Santa Claus and passes out the Secret Santa gifts. It is always excited to see who picked who name and what that person has given to them as a gift. Well, this Christmas my Bigmama has place a $10.00 limited on the gift one shall receive from their Secret Santa, she calls it a Charlie Brown Christmas which will be exciting to see what people can actually get for $10.00. In a $10.00 gift you really have to put some thought into what a person really wants or need for that matter. Since our family is known for traditions I decided to start one of our own. After Christmas breakfast my family and I will be feeding the Veterans at Maderas Restaurant in Los Alamitos. I want my children to understand that Christmas is not just about receiving gifts and how many gifts you are going to get. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. I want my children to understand that everyone is not able to have a roof, food, running water and clothes on their backs but by the grace of GOD we have these things and we should assist in giving these things to others who are in need.  So, for the Christmas I ask you all what will be your gift of giving?