What will you Gain when you Loose???

What will you gain when you loose? This Kellogg commercial has been speaking to me from day 1 of the New Year and all I could think about was this Facebook post I came across about Gabourey Sidibe (the girl who played Precious). The Facebook post talked about how inspiring it was to see how much weight she’d lost and if she could loose that much weight than anyone could. After looking at the picture I notice that it was an airbrushed picture and I immediately thought who and why would someone do something so cruel? So, I further research the information about Gabourey Sidibe loosing weight.Motivation After reading an article in The Urban Daily I realized that she was really on a weight loss journey and off to an amazing start. Gabourey Sidibe lost 50lbs and every positive news feed has said that she looks a lot healthier. I must say that is an amazing start for Gabourey Sidibe weight loss journey. A Curvy Girl’s Journey assists women in creating healthy lifestyles. Our mission is to empower and inspire women to live healthier lives physically, mentally and spiritually. So, from me to you (Gabourey) this is an amazing start to whatever journey you might be on. Whether its eating healthier, exercising or both Keep up the Amazing work and no matter what you read or what people might say don’t let anyone discourage your dreams or goals. I would like to propose a question for everyone out there who is trying to create a healthier lifestyle or who would like to be motivated or inspired to do so…its not about how big your accomplishments are its about the steps you took to get there and what you learn along the way. gabourey sidibe 50lbs weight loss as of 042011

So…I say to you all what will you gain when you loose?