Lets start Some Where

depositphotos_5541828-Big-Journeys-Begin-With-Small-StepsCreating a Healthy Lifestyle

Trying to lose weight might seem like the impossible, unless you have a personal trainer, gym membership or weight loss DVD investments. Well, I am here to tell you none of these are needed to reach your weight loss goal. As you prepare to create a healthier lifestyle there are a few steps you need to take. One of the steps that have prepared me for my healthier lifestyle change is, knowing where you come from.  Measurements are very important when starting an exercising regimen. In order for you to know where you want to be you have to know where you come from. Here are my measurements as of present day and my measurements I would love to be.  Once I have set my eye on the prize I have to take the next step, which is to create a plan that will help me reach my goal and since it took me 12 years to put on this weight I am giving myself 1 year to lose the weight. Since I am a firm believer in NOT DIETING I plan to make healthier balance plates, which are a protein, fast carb and slow carb, to eat every 3 hours whether it’s a snack or a meal and to exercise three days a week for 1 hour and supplement the other 4 days with a 15 a minute roll out bed exercise plan. My goal is to become Healthier and to motivate everyone around me in creating a Healthier Lifestyle.

 My measurements are:

Weight: 175

Chest: 37

Underneath breast: 34

Waist (at belly button): 38

Arms R & L: L 13, R 13.5

Thighs (underneath buttocks): 44

Upper legs R& L: L 27, R27

Where I want my measurement to be:

Weight: 160-155

Chest: 34

Underneath breast: 30

Waist (at belly button): 30

Arms: R11, L11

Thighs (underneath buttocks): 34

Upper legs: R & L 17-22