Had to share one of my friends thoughts… We should be grateful for everything that we have even if you think you are tired, sad or had a enough. Thanks Merlina for recreating my thoughts….

enoughToday I am grateful for the things I “get to do”…
A few weeks ago I found myself saying things like “I have to pay my mortgage” or on Sunday night i would say “I have to go to work tomorrow” or “I have to pay this bill”, “I have to wake up early in the morning” the list goes on and on. I said all of those things and then some with an attitude like that’s a problem….and then I said “Stop it Merlina, let’s change perspective here for a moment”…and let’s say “I get to pay my mortgage” , “I get to go to work on Monday”, “I get to pay my bills”, “I get to wake up early in the morning”.

I encourage everyone to replace “I have to” with “I get to”. It’s a privilege that others may not have, so enjoy the “I get to’s”, embrace the opportunity to do what others are not able to do and be grateful that you “get to do” it!!!


A Profound ability to Let Go!!!

takeisha rayI wanted to share an inspirational post by my friend Takeisha Rayson a young woman who is making her mark in the World of Nike!!!!
Tuesday Morning: Today, I will speak of fear being a root cause of our unwillingness to change and accept change, but based on my observations and interactions with many of the European Nike team members thus far, I have also decided to speak on unforgiveness as the context of fear which hinders change. This can be applied not only in the dynamics of business relationships, but also personal relationships. It is in our unwillingness to forgive that we cultivate fear(s) which stagnates us and, ultimately, hinders us from success in all areas of life. “Bitterness is the only poison one can drink with the mistaken assumption that the act of drinking it will harm someone else.” We often say that we have forgiven but when we face the very thing, person, event which we have bitterness towards, our reactions say anything but. Forgiving is not condoning, it is the profound ability to let go. -Takeisha Rayson

Healthy Tips While Watching the Super Bowl!!!

Jerrynoback                                                            Fitness Guru Jerry Anderson sent me his Super Bowl Tips….A way to stay Healthy and Party while watching the Super Bowl!!! Super Bowl Eating Tips..
1. Before the players come out the shoot – Have Some Fruit. 2. When you see Ray Lewis celebrate – Hydrate. 3. When the 49ers come out with their swagger – Hit the Vegetable Platter. 4. When the Harbaugh brothers greet – Have Some Lean Meat. 5. After Beyonce Sing – Have a Little Bit of Everything. REMEMBER: DON`T GET SACKED ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY – BECAUSE THOSE HABITS, WILL CARRY INTO MONDAY.

I Did It!!!!

It has been a long journey but I finally completed my Bachelors Degree!!!! In these past two and a half years I have been on an educational journey to complete my Bachelors degree. Something I should have done twenty years ago, I just finished and it seems like it took me a life I did ittime to do it, but I did it. I can remember when I graduated with my Associates degree back in 2008 and my parents were saying now that you have completed this goal, what is next? I knew I wanted to go back to school and complete my Bachelors degree but like everything else life took its course and I got side track. My home life wasn’t going right my job life wasn’t going right and on top of that my health was declining. Something had to be done and that something was I needed to be taken care of. Once my health got in order I started to focus on my education, so I enrolled into Ashford University to complete my Bachelors Degree in Health Administration with a minor in Project Management. The program was an intense program with a new class starting every five weeks but I did it and I completed it…Yesssss I am a graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree!!!!!