Respect Yourself

Happy March 1st Everyone,

respectEveryone Morning I will start my day off with a Morning Inspiration. Decided to re-post some words of wisdom from Pretty Girlz Pray on Facebook. Ladies remember that RESPECT starts with you..if you don’t RESPECT yourself no one else will!!!

Single Saved & Satisfied: When someone decides to rent a car it’s for convenience and you dont have to go through all of the paperwork… When you rent a car you dont care about the engine because you never intended on keeping it in the first place. When you rent a car you really dont care how much wear and tear you put on it because as soon as you’re done you are going to return it to the rental car company. Ladies we can never get caught up in a relationship because it’s convenient when we know in our heart that there is no chance of committment. If He loves you He will wait, If he respects you he will understand, and if he plans to commit he won’t mind waiting… When we respect ourselves others will act accordingly.. You are to valuable to be a side chick, to vauable to be a weekend chick, and way to valuable to be a I will sleep with her until I find my wife chick. Woman of God you are valuable, You are worth more than rubies, and you are a daughter of the Most High God… You should never settle, when you deserve nothing less than God’s best… ~Pretty Girlz Pray~