Stay in Faith!!!

Morning Inspirations….awesome

With everything that is going on in my life right now I need to stay Positive and understand that the ideas that are giving to me are sent with favor from GOD.  Being out of the work force for about three years now I was given a vision to create a non-profit about empowering and inspiring women to create a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically and spiritually. About two years ago I went to Breast Cancer Luncheon about awareness. All through the luncheon I kept hearing someone say to me start your non-profit and bring awareness to your mission through a luncheon, so this is the year that everything is coming together but I never realized how hard it would be to put on an event, start a non-profit and get others to support your cause. This has been the hardest job I have ever had to do but I have learned a lot and day by day I continue to grow within myself as I help others grown as well. After listening to Joel Osteen yesterday I realized that fear, worrying, and negative thinking is not just a bad habit it become a reality. So, I stand here today and say that I will stand tall in Faith and thank GOD for his favor..every accomplishment big or small is a blessing.


Psalms 30:5

For is anger last only a moment, but his favor last a lifetime. Weeping may last through the night but joy comes within the morning.