Classy, Spiritual Confident

Morning Inspiration….

Had to Re-post this self Reflection it is something we Women need to remember.When your inner beauty shines through there’s nothing more irresistible. Your heart, soul & intelligence do matter. Looks may get him but to keep him it takes more than a big butt & a smile…Words from Angie Williams confidence

SEXY isn’t always what she flaunts with her shape & looks. SEXY & SEX APPEAL is Classy, Spiritual Confident, has a Great Attitude, NEVER settles or searches for attention, Dresses with Sophistication, and is able to leave something to the imagination, She doesn’t have to be up in a mans face to make her presence known when a man already knows what type of woman she is simply by her demeanor & what comes out of her mouth… A woman speaks life & uplifts NOT sex!!
Diane Dee’Vah Starr