Pushing Myself

Morning Inspiration……

marina del rey2So, today I decided to push myself a little further after I came across my Morning Inspiration. During my morning warm-up I came across an elderly woman who was walking and listening to her music and then right before I started to run, the elderly lady came across my path again and I said to myself if this elderly lady can do several laps around this park I can push myself a little harder today, so I did. I always try to complete my walks in 30 minutes, that’s how I know I am getting the best workout for my heart. So, today I decided to run up the hill on Lincoln in Marina Del Rey, like usual but to push myself a little more I walked all the way to Manchester and back and on my way back down Lincoln, I decided to push myself a little harder and I skip up the hill on Bluff Trail, yes you heard me right SKIPPED…Skipping took me way back because I have not done it since I was in grade school but I did it and before I reached the top I had to stop because it felt like I was going to die!!!! I completed the push in 45 minutes and I walked/run/skipped 4 miles. Way to Go with pushing myself, NOW THINK about how you are going to PUSH YOURSELF!!!