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Morning Inspiration……..

I am not for sure what was going on with my body yesterday…the right side of my body is going through its own personal issues, its breaking out, its aching and it doesn’t want to move, it’s functioning like it has a mind of its own and then one of my Facebook friend posted a reminder. Yesterday, I was off my regimen, I didn’t eat three meals, I didn’t exercise and I didn’t drink enough water. I am feeling the affects of my regimen that I have stayed with on a consistent bases for 21 days. I guess it’s true what they say when you are treating your body good and creating that healthy lifestyle. Your body wants to feel and look good at all times and when you fall off task your body will remind you of how you are not treating it and how important it is to look and feel good at all times. Your body is your temple treat it like you love it and honor it, Protect it at all times and it will Protect you!!!!