Your support is Needed

american cancer societyHello Ladies and Gentlemen, I have become a Cancer Prevention Study Champion for the American Cancer Society, Inc. Just my way of giving back to everyone nationwide. I need all ladies and gentlemen in the age range of 30-65 to participate in the CPS-III study. We have to remember that all new technologies, medications and inventions are done through studies. If we all participate one day our nation will be a CANCER FREE NATION!!!! Please read the information below.

This year we have a chance to change the face of cancer for future generations by participating in a historic long-term study. This is a one time opportunity, a hands-on way for us to be personally involved in research and to play a major role in cancer prevention. Being involved means we have the potential to impact the course of our future and our children’s future as we learn ways to prevent cancer. Please continue being diligent in sharing this information about Cancer Prevention Study (CPS-3) and how to enroll.

Participants must be:
-30-65 years of age
-Never been diagnosed with cancer (except basil and squamous cell skin cancer)
-Willing to commit to a long-term study

There are 32 open enrollment sites (all are listed on the website) available across LA County from April 18 – May 9, including 5 sites in and around Long Beach. For more details and to make an appointment visit or call toll-free 1.888.604.5888.