The Game on BET

season 6 of the gameI was very excited to see the new cast, and the new show The Game on BET on Tuesday night at 10pm and it was above and beyond my expectations. The show started off with firing Darwin Davis the all American receiver, who was supposed to be untouchable until the Sabers got the 1st round draft pick Bryce Blueprint Westbrook (Jay Ellis) who is much faster, running a 4 flat and very controlled by his father and  according to John Singleton, “the man who is going to change the face of football.” Now we still have Miss Tasha Mack (Wendy Raquel Robinson), who is still Hot Mess but hanging in there with Mr. Pookie until Old Foxy shows up at her door, Oh boy you should have saw her jaw hit the floor…now that was too funny  and I know her sacks didn’t look like bags of money…LOL!!!! The New cast member Lauren London was pretty good, she did better than I expected but I could still see  Nu-Nu from ATL in her part on the game. Miss London you need to step yo game up before your agent Ceirra steals your spot light. Between her dancer calves, her wide bootee, and her swag she was definitely the surprise for the night and as for Malik Wright (Hosea Chanchez)  please don’t go back to being the JackAss of the show, I enjoyed last season Malik with a conscious. Now, I know I did not talk about Brandy (as Chardonnay) and Jason Pitts (Coby Bell) but it will be more reviews coming since The Game is on every Tuesday nights at 10pm on BET channel 63 if you have Charter Communications.