Dark Circles

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Dr. Jessica Wun Hollywood Dermatologist…. came across this info and had to share.shawond My dark circles can get a little disturbing especially when I only get three to four hours of sleep because of my late nights and early mornings. I am going to try this regimen for one week and post a follow-up picture to let you know if it really works.See you in 1 week!!!

Under-eye bags can cast shadows and produce hollows beneath that accentuate dark circles. If you wake up with puffy lids, try soaking cotton balls in cold soymilk and holding them on your closed lids for a few minutes in the morning. The cold temperature and anti-inflammatory properties of soy can help shrink swollen tissues and reduce puffiness. However, if your under-eye bags are caused by fat deposits, topical treatments won’t be enough to shrink them and reduce the circles. These types of circles may require injectable fillers, to fill in the hollows, or surgical removal of the bags.