Tyler Perry’s TemptationI have been waiting to do this movie review because I didn’t want to tell the whole movie and none of you haven’t seen it. Well, I can’t wait any longer it was just that good. The story began off on a great foot. Love Romance Passion and of course the wife being first but that soon took a turn as soon as they moved into the city and life took its course. The main couple of the movie was played by Lance Gross which was Brice and Jurnee Smollett-Bell who played Judith. Now, this movie rang so many bells for me it was ridiculous especially when Brice and Judith was getting into the car after dinner and they were passing a group of guys and they were calling Judith Bitches and instead of Brice saying something to the guys he told Judith to stop responding to the remarks and get into the car. Men let me tell you a woman wants to feel PROTECTED not NEGLECTED, I definitely felt this emotion of the movie. Now for my girl Vanessa Williams, who plays Janice in the movie (the lady who owned a match making firm) she played the hell out of that french accent until Judith fronted her about it and then she told Judith to get her ass out of her office because she was fired, now that was too funny. Now, I know everyone was so in a roar about Kim Kardashian who played Ava in the movie but she did a great job and she was definitely playing herself, Ms. Kardashian don’t get typed cast we all know you are trying to give up your reality t.v. to get into films so make sure you change it up. As for Robbie Jones who played Harley he played the HELL out of that part, I look forward to seeing him on other big screen movies, Tyler you did a EXCELLENT job in casting him for that part. He was so believable and I’m just speaking for myself but he is the kind of guy that all women will fall head over hills for and then get played afterwards. I am not going to get into the end of the movie because I don’t know how many of you all have seen it but I just want to say that Tyler I think you should have given it the ending that no one would have expected just to hit on the ignorance that so many people have on the HIV topic. Now that would have been an AMAZING MOVIE. I loved the movie and I am suggesting everyone who haven’t seen it to GO AND SEE IT. IT IS A MUST SEE MOVIE, it will have you thinking twice about the TEMPTATIONS in your life.