Don’t Ignore

breast lumpA couple of days ago I was up working late and like normal I rested my left hand on my right breast and OMG I had a lump on my right breast that felt like a rock. So, right away I made an appointment with my physician. This happened Thursday night and I made my appointment for Monday. Well, the next morning I woke up and could not stop crying so my husband took me to Urgent care instead of going to work to find out what was going on with me. After seeing the doctor on Monday she tried to aspirate the lump but no fluid came out, which left her quite nervous so she schedule me for some diagnostic test. If you feel a suspicious breast lump, it’s only natural to worry that it could be breast cancer. But a breast lump could also signal a cyst or other benign growth. In the case of a breast lump, as with any serious issue concerning women’s health, it’s essential to have it looked at promptly. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to examine your breasts and determine the cause of the lump. After, my Monday appointment with radiology (mammogram and an ultrasound) I found out I had a cyst. Thank GOD!!!

Reference: Everyday Health