Friday Funday

My Friday Funday Movie Review 42!!!!!!!!!!!

jackie robinsonI finally went to see 42 the movie about Jackie Robinson being the first black man to play in the white man’s baseball game. Back in the 1940’s there was the Negro League and the Major League Baseball league (which to me was the white league because no other race played  in that league but white boys). This movie was such an emotional movie I didn’t know if I should cry, laugh, or get mad, all of these emotions kind of ran together. There were two prominent moments in this movie that had goose bumps all over my body. The first moment was when the league owner Rickey told Robinson that he was driving home and he saw a little white boy playing in a baseball game and he was picking up the dirt and putting on his hands and bat like Robinson does and at that moment I thought wow you never know how important it is to turn the other cheek and stay consistent with your values and norms just so little kids can say I want to be like Jackie Robinson not because of his skin color but because of his demeanor. The second moment that brought tears to my eyes is when the Dodgers were playing in Kentucky and 1 went over to Robinson and started to hug him towards the stands because he wanted everyone from Kentucky know that him and Robinson were friends and every though he receive death threats because they had an black man on their team, he still wanted everyone to know as well as his family know no matter what color this man was he is still my team mate, friend and a great ball player. If you have not seen 42 it is a must see movie. I will be back at the movies this weekend to take my kids to see how an awesome man stood against diversity. 42!!!!