A Family that Prays together Stays together

Morning Inspiration….To start our mornings off with a prayer

AFamilyThatPraysTogetherToday during church I was left with a lot of spiritual inspiration that will get me through each day. The pastor preached about Proverbs 3:32-35 A family that Prays together Stays together.

32 For the Lord detests the perverse
    but takes the upright into his confidence.
33 The Lord’s curse is on the house of the wicked,
    but he blesses the home of the righteous.
34 He mocks proud mockers
    but shows favor to the humble and oppressed.
35 The wise inherit honor,
    but fools get only shame.

 I remember when my husband and I rekindle our relationship every morning before he left to work he would wake me up and say a prayer for me and our children before he left for work and while he was prayer for us I would say a prayer for him to have safe travels. I can honestly say the Lord has blessed my union over and over again. When we didn’t think there was no light in our tunnel the Lord showed us light and showed us the path we should walk. Even though our walk can be a struggle at times we do our best to always remember were  we came from and always be thankful for how far we have come.