Do you have what it takes???

Morning Motivation… dedicated and focus on my Healthy Lifestyle Journey

chaka khanChaka Khan, 59 years young has proven that it is not too late to create a healthy lifestyle. She was diagnose with Type 2 diabetes in 2011 and put on medication which inspired her to change her lifestyle. Chaka Khan stated, “she felt like she needed her body to heal,” so she decided to fast and not any meat or dairy. Chaka decided to be on a strict liquid diet for a year, drinking a protein shake in the morning, a vegetable shake in the afternoon and a protein shake in the evening, which gave her a good jump start on her lifestyle change, she stated “you have to get the mindset first.” After her one year of strict liquid diet Chaka went through a dramatic transformation, she had a new way of thinking about her food and exercise and how her health was improving drastically. Chaka Kahn lost 75lbs and was able to get her high blood pressure and diabetes under control, she has not went back to her old way of living and has adapted a healthy lifestyle as a vegan. chaka khan1

After reading Chakas’ bio on her weight loss, getting your mindset on the things that need to be changed in your life is the first thing that needs to happen. I can say one thing and that she shows what dedication and focus is all about. she looks damn good!!! Becoming healthy is definitely a LIFESTYLE and not a diet.. Chaka Khan has definitely showed us how to become Every Woman!!!!