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I wanted to share a friend of mines Affirmation. After reading it I had to share it with all of you as a Morning Inspiration…for me to get my day started I will pray for God to Heal my past wounds so I will no longer think of them as past wounds but pass lessons.

time heals all woundsI Release the Past and Live in the Present

The past no longer exists, so I consciously focus on the present. I accomplish this by only putting my mental energy into what I am doing at the moment.

By concentrating on my present, I relieve myself of a tremendous mental burden. I understand that the mistakes of my past mean nothing now. I am a better person because I’ve learned from those mistakes and try hard not to repeat them.

Today, I let go of everything from the past that fails to serve me in a positive way. I release the past and move on with my wonderful life. Anything is possible for me!

Reference Tammy Rayson-Brown