Get that Butt in Gear…

Here is Day 9 Tip for Loosing it Right Keeping it Tight exercise that will help you get beach ready for the 1st day of SUMMER!!!

saddlebagSaddlebag Scorcher

Targets butt and outer thighs

  • Begin on all fours, knees under hips and hands under shoulders. Place left forearm on floor so that left hand is perpendicular to right hand; twist torso slightly to the right and lift right leg just off floor.
  • Keeping right knee bent 90 degrees throughout, raise right leg out to hip height. Lower leg under hip without letting it touch floor; repeat.
  • Do 20 reps, switch sides and repeat. Do 3 sets.
  • MAKE IT EASIER: Bring leg only 45 degrees out to side.

It’s so funny to see this move because when I do it I call it the fire hydrant because it reminds me of a dog lifting up its leg and peeing on the fire

If you would like to see a demo of this exercise please click on this link If this link does not work Google Saddlebag Scorcher and fitness magazine and the video will pop up.