I’m going to help you SHINE….

shine-brightMorning Inspiration….helping others notice their own light

If you are having trouble building yourself up follow these steps and watch your light shine through.

1. If you have trouble pinpointing your positive attributes, start by thinking about one trait that has served you well in life.

2. After you have identified our strengths, you need to identify your weaknesses— facing your flaws means looking at patterns in your life.The mere fact that we understand who we are, for better or for worse, will help you improve self-esteem.

3. Learn how to accept compliments….”Thanks. I appreciate your saying that. I worked really hard, and the fact that you noticed means a lot.”

4. When you don’t know where you’re going, it’s easy to question yourself and what lies ahead. Whatever your objective, you must define it, create a plan for achieving it, and set up a timeline for its completion in small, measurable steps. Charting these achievements can boost self-esteem as much as attaining your ultimate goal, because, to put it simply, a success is a success, and the more of them you have, the more favorably you’re likely to view yourself. When you take deliberate measures toward a goal, you’ll have the fortitude to think and do big.

5. Be Bold in everything you do…taking reasonable risks sets us up for success not just once but repeatedly. No matter the outcome the attempt itself represents an accomplishment that can be built upon. Next time you’ll aim even higher, think even bigger—and before long making bold moves will start to feel like second nature.

6. Get your own cheering squad…once you find your fans, remember yours isn’t a one-sided relationship: As your cheerleaders champion you, you’ll be inspired and required to return the favor.

Reference: Dr. Phil