Keeping your Vision in Front of YOU

vision_board-1jpgMorning Inspiration….to start making my vision board..

I was sent this sermon by Joel Osteen of keeping your vision in front of you and it got me to thinking about all of the visions that I have in my mind that was given to me by God and on a daily basis God gives me more and more visions. According to Joel Osteen, “If you can’t see your vision then you are not moving towards it” so, today I have decided to start making my vision board so I will know what I will work towards, whether its increasing my Ladies in A Curvy Girl’s Journey, my own building for my office and exercise classes, my increase in my financials, the way I will inspire other women, motivating women to make  better nutrition decisions, many many more Women’s Healthy Lifestyle Luncheon, and so many other visions that I have that will come to pass…

What will your vision board look like????