Are you willing????

Morning Inspiration….not letting anyone break my spirit.

So, yesterday I started my 21-day Detox cleanse and when I woke up this morning I was hit with a lot of foolishness. Now usually I would have played into the foolishness and got bent out of shape and would have been all stressed out from then on but instead I kept my morning inspiration from yesterday in clear focus..Keeping your vision in front of you. Now, I am just speaking from my experience but when I am out of sorts I tend to turn to food and whatever journey I was on I would break it and start all over next week but this 21-day Detox is very important to me so in order for me to stay focus I have decided to Change one bad habit in order to see a change that can transform my life….not letting others break your spirits can be hard but if you stay in faith and notice when the devil is hard at work to break you from your Journey that will help others or change your life drastically your out come will be so far worth that argument, misunderstanding or bad communication you just had with that person because all of that negative energy would not be on you it will be on them. So, my advise to you is not to feed into the foolishness, when you feel your feathers being ruffled just end the conversation and get some air to bring that focus right back on you. Remember its all about you!!!