Detox….day 4

day 4 detoxToday is Day 4… was the hump for me. I felt a little whoosie today like I was on a roller coaster ride I guess my body is transitioning to a natural digestion state with all natural sugars. I also ate a lot more today I had my favorite green smoothie this am for breakfast, pistachios for snack, a tomato basil soup for lunch, banana, a variety of nuts, nuts with jalapeno seasoning and a salad with walnuts, dried cranberries, avocados with a vinaigrette with a side of avocado for dinner…yum!!! Tomorrow is day 5 I am going to walk the hill tomorrow with Shawntae Hines with some jump rope in the evening….Can’t wait to see what Day 5 is going to bringcampbells tomato basil soup