Such an Inspiration

Morning Inspiration…being true to your craft will get others to share you with all of the people in the world.

It has been awhile since I was on Youtube watching one of BeatFaceHoney tutorials but I came across this particular tutorial after she had asked all of her followers on Instagram and Twitter to reach out to one of her celebrities crushes…Brandy so she could do her make-up. Well long story short Brandy answer back and all of BeatFaceHoney dreams have been coming true. I choose her as my morning inspiration because she is very true to her craft and even though she has been super busy she doesn’t forget where she came from and she gives back to her community as she touches their faces with a touch of BeatFaceHoney.

Food 4 thought….Don’t never give up on your dreams because the people who believe in you will never give up on you!!!!

Click on the link to hear her story and click on the second link to read about her story with Necole Bitchie