Are all 5 holding you back

Morning Inspiration….my morning inspiration is to cut back on some of these things that are holding me back. I am not going to try to do all of these things at once but I will gradually work these things out of my life.

Which ones are holding you back from creating your 15 minutes of lifestyle change?

According to Women’s Healthy these are 15 things that are holding you back from getting your 15 minutes of workout in….

6. Don’t Be a Neat Freak
Is it really all that important that your apartment is spotless? Stop wasting precious time folding your sheets just so and polishing picture frames and aim for an adequate level of cleanliness instead. Stop spot cleaning everyday 1 day a week is normal 7 days a week is obsessive!!!

7. Be Decisive!
You can easily waste hours choosing what color to paint your walls or which brand of sneakers to buy (it’s called analysis paralysis). At some point, you need to stop waffling and move forward. Set a time limit, say 45 minutes, for comparison shopping, weighing pros and cons, etc., then make a decision and go forth.

8. Buy Time
By hiring a cleaning service to do the heavy-duty stuff twice a month and looking into premade meal plans, you’ll buy yourself hours every week.

9. Ink It On Your Calendar
Amazing how you find time for everything on your calendar, right? That’s because it’s there in black and white, demanding your attention (and time). Block out your workouts as you would work appointments and you won’t miss them.

10. Set a Timer
Certain activities are black holes for time. All the little things you plan to do for just a few minutes—surfing the Web, playing games on your phone—can suck away hours if you’re not careful. Keep a kitchen timer nearby. When you start a task, set it for 15 minutes. Then stop when the bell rings.

Oh boy do I have a lot of things to work on…just image if I cut some of these things out of my life how much more time I would have to do so much other stuff.

Reference: Women’s Health