Why are you allowing it

Morning Inspiration…to stop wasting so much of my time and to become more productive.

Which ones are holding you back from creating your 15 minutes of lifestyle change?

According to Women’s Healthy these are 15 things that are holding you back from getting your 15 minutes of workout in….

11. Touch It Once
When a paper comes across your desk or an e-mail hits your inbox, deal with it right away. Piled up paper and messages not only create distracting clutter, you also waste time revisiting each issue again (and again) or, worse, losing something important.

12. Pick Up the Phone
Texting and emailing can be great time savers, but sometimes it takes 15 messages to accomplish what you could do in a 40-second phone call. As soon as it starts getting complicated, pick up the phone.

13. Put Things in Their Place
I used to waste precious time looking for my keys. At any given time they could have been anywhere—pockets, drawers, purses, or my personal favorite, hanging from the door lock. Finally, I bought a 75-cent hook, hung it by the phone as my designated key spot, and have not lost my keys since. Try this trick with anything you lose regularly. It works.

14. Set Out Your Stuff
Setting out your exercise clothes at night makes it far more likely that you will get up and get moving for a morning workout, instead of hitting snooze (or worse, skipping the whole affair entirely) because it’s too daunting to get up and start rummaging around for your workout gear.

15. Get Up 15 Minutes Earlier
Vow to work out at 5 a.m. every day and you’ll never do it. But even the most nocturnal of night owls can roll out of the sack a mere 15 minutes earlier in the morning. Even if you don’t use that extra time for your workout, you’ll get to the office earlier than usual, so you’ll be more likely to take that 15 minutes for yourself later in the day.

After reading all 15 Ways to Find 15 Minutes For Exercise Every Day! I have learned that I have a lot of things holding me back to do other things that can increase productive in my life. Since I already exercise 3-4 days out of the week the extra time that I will find will be put to some great use. I hope these tips have helped you as much as they have helped me.

Reference: Women’s Health