Everyday Life

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Morning Inspiration…. There are many unanswered questions when it comes to everyday life. We all want answers, but can we really handle the truth? This is where your faith kicks in and you allow God to answer all of those questions for you. Turn your faith up like the volume on the radio and find a quiet place to listen to HIM, so that all of your questions are answered loud and clear. Talk to God he really does talk back….He that hath an ear, let him hear with the Spirit saith unto the churches…Revelation 3:22

I came across this post on Instagram from iamrennyren and it hit home for me, I was recently had a conversation with someone from my past and when I got off the phone I felt like WTF this is too much and then I ran across this statement saying Don’t pick up what God told you to put down…and I knew at that very second that my past was the past and it was no reason to have any type of relationships with the past. If God wasn’t speaking directly to me, I sure did get an ear full that day. I always thank God for all of the amazing conversations we have on a daily basis and how he answers to me is a blessing.