1500 Calorie 30 day Meal plan

Meal planning1500 Calorie 30 day meal plan

Day 4 Thursday Meal

Berry Wafflewich
0% fat Greek yogurt

15 snap peas
2 Tbsp of hummus

Gobbleguac Sandwich
1 apple

1 banana
1 piece of string cheese

Steamed Snapper with Pesto
1 cup of brown rice
2 cups of broccoli

Note: For breakfast you can have a regular waffle (frozen with some berries on top or a blueberry pancake) and for the Gobbleguac Sandwich that is just a fancy name for a turkey avocado sandwich on whole grain bread but whole wheat will do fine as long as your bread together don’t go over 100 calories or for a treat just go get a turkey avocado sandwich from subway they have $4 lunch specials.