Weekend Challenge

This weekend challenge will be for you to create your own meal plan for Saturday and Sunday that will not exceed 1500 calories and if you have been following the plan and feel challengeyou need to cheat have a cheat meal not a cheat day. I can’t wait to see some of your meal plans..don’t forget to post pictures of your meals and don’t forget to share!!!! We are all learning on this Journey!!!

An example meal for Saturday:


2 Scramble eggs (with bell peppers,mushrooms, spinach) w/salsa wrapped into a flour tortilla w/a side of Canadian bacon = 280calories


Apple w/peanut butter (2tbsp) = 188calories


Sushi 4 pieces (shrimp and salmon)

Spicy Tuna Roll

=438 calories


Strawberry & Bananas


Chicken Salad = 200 calories

total calories= 1106