Are you missing a piece

im puzzledMorning Inspiration…the only one that has my heart is GOD he knows what’s best for me and his guidance will always give me mercy and grace…so if I am clueless in a relationship GOD has my back and when its time for me to go GOD taps me on my shoulder and says…Shawond I have something better for you it’s time to change paths!!!!!

Like always Renny goes deep again….Question would you rather be lied to in order to stay happy or would you rather be told the truth and be angry? I have always had the understanding if someone is asking you a question then they must want to know. Now if it is going to hurt their feelings or not is all up to them. Since, I don’t ask a lot of questions in my relationship does that mean I like to go through my relationships clueless or do I not like getting my heart broken? It’s sad how sometimes we can put our feelings and emotions into someone else hands. We always want to think our other half, friends, kids and family members  have no flaws but the only one we should trust and know that whatever needs we have or need to be done, GOD will always be there to provide, protect tell us the truth and guide us down the path we should be on. With GOD you never have to worry about a missing puzzle piece, you never have to doubt if he’s there or if he is by your side.

John 16:33

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of cheer; I have overcome the world.