Changing My Habits

Morning Inspiration……I thought I would share all of my bad habits before I decided to really take a stand and saddle up for my Healthy Lifestyle Change. Even though I would work out and I had changed my eating habits I still had a lot of work to do. I didn’t really notice a change until I started my 21-Day Detox that I really saw how nutrition could transform your body…..I know it’s true when they say nutrition is 80% of your Healthy Lifestyle while working out is only 20%. If you are guilty of these bad habits it may be time for you to start your 21-Day Detox!!!!

  1. Sleep-Induced Hunger

  2. Eating on the Job

  3. Emotional Snacking

  4. Meals on the Go

  5. Vacation Eating

  6. Dining-Out Diet Disasters

  7. Weekend Indulgences

  8. Overboard at the Buffet

  9. Feeding in Front of the TV