Flash Light

light bulbMorning Inspirations…..leaning to lean on others might be good but learning to lean on him would get you a lot further

In the words of iamrennyren….We all know it when the flash goes off in your head. The creative spark that goes off in your brain. The Notion when you just realized it, all along they where right. We don’t have to go through all of the turmoil that we endure if we just listen to the Man above and the wise council of parents, friends, and other family members. We bring a lot of problems on ourselves. We need to stop being Mr. and Mrs. know it all and seek help in dealing with things that are holding us back, that’s not going to get you anywhere, but left alone..

The way of a fool is right in his own eyes but he that haearkeneth unto counsel is wise…Proverbs 12:15