relaxationI haven’t been on a vacation in a long time but I would love to have this tub in my room so I can have some relaxation therapy. What do you guys think about this?


A Must Try

FREE BIRDSTGIF y’all!!!! Today is my Friday and I am starting to understand what this day really means. It’s a day that most of us stop working at 5pm so we can get our weekend started…Eating, drinking, partying, spending time with our loved ones, cleaning, resting or just plain ole relaxing. Well, I have decided to try something new once a week and then share them with you all as my MUST TRY CAPTION ON FRIDAYS.  This weekend must try is a place called Free Birds World Burritos. If you love a place call Chipotle you will love love this place…FREE BIRDS WORLD BURRITOS!!!! It’s buffet style restaurant that allows you to get in line and make your burritos, tacos, salads, and burrito bowls that way you like it. For all of you healthy lifestyle people out there that are making a change for the good they offer different flavored flour tortillas, such as; spinach, Cayenne, and wheat. The variety wooed me as well as when I asked for my tacos and found out they only had plain ole flour tortillas and then the amazing customer service came in when my server stated that she could take the burrito tortilla and cut it to my taco size….AMAZING.. I had spinach tortilla chicken tacos. I am switching my taco place to FREE BIRDS WORLD BURRITOS!!! I might have to travel a little to get me some but it is so worth it…GREAT FOOD AND AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE…ITS LIKE BURGER KING YOU CAN HAVE IT YOUR WAY!!!! I give FREE BIRDS WORLD BURRITOS a FIVE STAR MUST TRY!!!!

Marina Del Rey

4025 Del Rey Ave
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Phone: 310.306.9600