7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

1. Running…it just doesn’t just burn calories. It also slows the aging process

2.Weights….Sculpting and maintaining lean muscle keeps your metabolism on high, because it uses more energy (as in burns more calories) than fat.

3. Do some Cardio…Got four minutes? Try Tabata the high-intensity form of interval training that alternates 20 seconds of all-out effort with 10 seconds of rest. Tabata can double your metabolic rate for 30 minutes post-exercise. My 10 cardio circuits moves is a great way to double your metabolic rate!!!

4. Eat every three hours….Your body needs a little energy to digest food, so having small, frequent meals (around 200 calories) stokes your metabolism. Don’t cut calories; split ’em up. For example, eat half of your lunch at 11 a.m. and the rest at 2 p.m.

5. Drink a lot of Water…A good rule: Try to get 2 quarts of fluids (8 ounces times eight) daily. Fruit, veggies and other liquids (e.g., coffee) count, too.

6. Pack in the Fiber..It’s not easy to digest, and that’s a good thing. You burn extra energy processing fiber, keeping your metabolism humming. Aim to get 25 to 30 grams daily.

7. Incorporate Protein…Its amino acids rebuild muscle tissue—crucial, because if muscles break down, metabolism slows. Women should eat 70 g a day.

Check out the Example chart for gram counts…

Meal Food Fiber
Breakfast Whole wheat English Muffin (Trader Joe’s Brand) 5 grams
1/2 pink grape fruit 1 gram
Snack Apple 3 grams
1 serving multi-grain pretzels 3 grams
Lunch 4 oz. baby carrots 2 grams
One cup of cooked kale 2.6 grams
3/4 cup whole wheat penne pasta 5 grams
Dinner Roasted pork loin 0 grams
1 cup roasted yams 5.3 grams
3 ounces roasted pearl onions 1 gram
2 cups chopped romaine 2 grams
1/2 ounce dried cranberries .7 grams
1 ounce chopped walnuts 1.9 grams