Be Confident

shawond2Hello Y’all…It’s that time of the week again, Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s Friday. So, on Friday we do what we have not done all week and that is PARTAY!!!! Well, if you want to be that man or woman who walks into the room and all eyes are on you…BE CONFIDENT!!! I have four tips that will take your confidence to the next level;

1. How you present yourself in that first meet-up can go a long way.There are a lot of little things that can make a big impression but let start off with your EYES. Making eye contact when interacting with people can leave a lasting impression  and if you add a firm handshake to that eye contact  you’re putting your confidence front and center. A warm, genuine smile is another welcome sign of confidence. It helps put you and the room at ease.

2. Something I am working on is Standing Tall. Now, I have all of the confidence in the world but Standing Tall is something that I have to work on. So, when I go out I always give myself a little boost by wearing heels more than 4 inches to help me Stand Tall. Research found that posture affects not only what others think of you, but also your own level of confidence in your thoughts and ideas.

3. Your stride is a major confidence clue. “When you cover ground with energy and motivation, it telegraphs to the world that you are self-assured, in charge, and full of life.” A slow, dragging shuffle sends the opposite message.”

4. Since first impressions are largely visual, it really matters what you choose to wear, Dress the part!!! Wear clothes and colors to complement your build, hairstyles that flatter your facial shape, and makeup that works with your natural coloring.

Reference: Daily Glow