Tips to Keeping it Off

keeping the weight offWhen you’re trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss, willpower alone isn’t enough to keep you on track. And even if you think you’re maintaining your goal weight, it’s all too easy for a few pounds to creep back on your frame. Here are some tips that can help keep your waistline from growing back:

1. Knowing that you have daily fluctuations is important.  I lost 13lbs after my 21 day detox which was almost three months ago and since then I have gained at least 3lbs my inches on my waist have been going back and forth from 34inches to 35inches to 34.5inches but my thighs have dropped two inches. So, it is a daily fluctuation and that is something I have to deal with until I do another metabolism boost.

2. Document what you eat as well as your exercise regimen… writing it down makes you accountable. The power in this is that it really increases your awareness more and makes you think literally twice about what you are about to eat, what you want to eat and what you are planning to eat and if you have did some form of exercise that day then you know where you need to eat a little bit more or add some good carbs and protein on your plate.

3. Save the jeans you can’t fit in… I have been keeping a pair of pants for quite some years now and I finally have gotten them over my thighs and now I am motivated to button them up.

4. Mind over Matter….If you put it in your head and you have set your mind to it…then it is MIND OVER MATTER!!! When I started my 21 day detox I had an agreement with my mind what I was going to have every morning, lunch and dinner and it didn’t help that everyone was doubting made me so much more stronger.

5. Keep in Mind the BIGGER PICTURE…It was so many times where I wanted to give up but I knew after the 21 days whatever size I was going to be was going to be so WORTH IT and I was right…It was so worth it, I was able to put on clothes that I haven’t been able to put on for the past three years.

6. Walking is one of the easiest exercises around, and with the right motivation you can add to your daily tally. An inexpensive pedometer is a great accountability aid that can prompt you to forge further ahead to reach fitness goals.  A great goal to set is taking 10,000 steps a day which is about five miles. That may seem like a lot, but if you have a pedometer and you see that you’re at 8,000 steps, you’ll be more inclined to put on your sneakers and head out after dinner for one more walk.

7. Always reward yourself…whether it is a massage, a nice meal, shopping for new clothes or shoes or just some ME time always reward yourself for the things you have been working so hard for.

Reference: Everyday Health