Stand by Your Man

baracks weddingMorning Inspiration… after coming across this post on facebook geared towards Ladies…I did some further research and it all stems from having eachothers back from day one. If he is supporting you and lifting you up Ladies lift him up as well as support his endeavors, you never know you might be with the next billionaire, president or prince.


In the words of Sharmica Lofton……LADIES: If he is trying, ENCOURAG E him!! If he is always there MAKE HIM KNOW HE IS WANTED!! If he doesn’t have much but always includes you with all that he has, APPRECIATE him!! When he is feeling down, BUILDbarack_michelle_obama_love_bus HIM BACK UP!! If he works hard to provide, DO WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE THAT EASY FOR HIM TO DO!! If his heart is in it, LOVE him!!! In a society where we hear everyday THERE ARE NO GOOD MEN…This GUY chose to be one anyway!