The Difference….

Morning Inspiration….I always read over Jada Pinkett Smith posts on Facebook, she has a profound thought when it comes to love and relationships. So, I stop by today to read over her profound thought about the difference between love and caring and it had me thinking, Wow, I have been in a caring relationship for over 18 years and never knew the difference?

jada pinkett smith1

In the words of J….One of my primary missions in life is to understand the dynamics of love. I have observed a big difference between really liking and caring for someone vs. loving them. I have observed people say,”I love you” when they actually may mean, “I like you”. An “I like you” relationship may only inspire a person to spend time and offer themselves to us in ways that are effortless, that don’t create discomfort nor require much psychic, emotional or physical effort. People in these types of relationships often keep up emotional walls that prevent the emotional intimacy that is required for the making of…love. When love is involved, one is inspired to dissolve those walls and make space for the psychic, emotional and physical efforts needed to build the relationship; therefore, forging the capacity required for vulnerability, receptivity and emotional intimacy necessary for establishing fulfilling bonds of love. It’s great to be liked or loved, but it’s our responsibility to know the difference.

Simply…my humble thoughts.