Morning Inspiration….You are what you eat…..eating healthy is a choice but it is a benefit for your body…if fine tunes your body in so many ways. My goal is to eat as more than 5 fruits and vegetable per day…Fresh…Fresh…Fresh!!!!

farmers market

You are what you eat if you consistently eat junk food then you will have a junk boy and that goes for the skinny people too. Just because you are skinny that does not mean you have healthy cells, healthy organs or a healthy body. Every living cell in your body (hair, skin, eyes, bones, muscles, blood, hormones, brain, internal organs, teeth, etc.) are made from the food that you eat. Healthy eating is a choice, it’s a way of life. Do it because you deserve to look and feel great…Do it so you can be there for your kids and grandchildren. Do it because when you retire you would rather be enjoying life than fighting off illnesses you could have avoided. DO IT BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO HAVE A HEALTHY BODY!!!