Couch Potato Exercises

Simply moving more and sitting less can boost your health because of the calorie burning called NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis. “It takes energy — calories — to move even the smallest muscle,” says Polly de Mille, RN, an exercise physiologist with the Women’s Sports Medicine Center at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. “For example, you burn about 1.5 calories per minute just lying still while your body performs its most basic functions.” Go from lying down to sitting in a chair and answering e-mail, and you’ll burn 25 percent more calories. Now start fidgeting in your chair and you’ll burn more.

And all those little movements can add up: The amount of everyday activity you get — beyond the 30 minutes of traditional exercise you might be doing — might matter even more for your overall health than trips to the gym, recent research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found. Here are some NEAT ways to make the move-more concept work for you.

If you have a desk job or collapse on the couch as soon as you get home, train yourself to just get up more — it could help you live longer…Make an appointment to Move!!!

By Wyatt Myers
Medically reviewed by Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH