strugglesMorning Inspiration…. after reading Iyania Words of Wisdom I had to share for my morning inspiration. I know about the resistance and how it can show up later with 10x the urgency. If you understand the true meaning of Still Water Runs deep it will get you through any struggles you might be going through.  Just remember that everything on the surface moves at a consist speed but if you allow yourself to go a little deeper and get into still waters those currents never changes. Stop struggling through every situation that comes your way just allow it to come and handle it with ease and know that GOD is sitting there with you in the Still Waters where the current never changes.

Iyanla Words of Wisdom…. It’s not the problem, the people, or the situation. It is your resistance to the problem, the people, or the situations which causes anger, fear, or frustration. Whatever comes at you is coming to teach you or heal you. Whatever you do, don’t push the experience away. If you do, it will show up later with more force and urgency