Simon Says

listeningMorning Inspiration…Listening is such a key factor in every relationship but how many of us really listen and how many of us think we are actually talking and listening at the same time? In order for God’s plan to take its path you have to be still and listen.

In the words of iamrennyren…How many of us remember playing the game Simon says? The game was very simple to play. You stopped in one spot and did not move until you heard Simon says and if you moved before then you paid a price. Our lives are set up the same way. We should not move on things that we’ve asked God to reveal to us until we’ve heard what God has said, then you’ll know what to do and keep going until you hear God says stop. We can learn a lot from our childhood games. Just think back  to them all and you’ll see it was all about listening and following instructions, something we all need to get back to.

Listen to his instructions, and store them  in your heart…JOB 22:22