Top 10 Tips For A Better Butt

buttsTo lift, shape and tone your gluteals—a.k.a. butt muscles—burn off unwanted fat on and around your butt with cardio, it takes a combination of good eating, strength exercises, and all day mini-workouts.

1. Eat To Grow

Your glutes are just like any other muscle in that they need protein and calories to grow.

2. Eat Clean

Choose natural unprocessed foods first and foremost. Keep in mind the longer something remains eatable on your shelf the longer it will remain on your thighs. Strive to consume the majority of your calories from whole foods rather than shakes and bars. Look for natural carbs in the forms of fruits and veggies, and healthy dietary fat from sources such as coconut oil, olive oil, raw nuts, seeds, and avocado. Keep processed foods, grains, soy, refined sugars, dairy, and diet products with artificial sweeteners in them to a minimum, if at all.

3. Walk Stairs Or Hills As Much As Possible

When you walk the stairs, or up a hill, you are directly putting stress on the back of the leg and the butt area.  This is the perfect way to tone, tighten, strengthen, and smooth out the areas.

4. Squeeeeeeeze!

Have you ever heard of isometric butt squeezes? Basically, this will involve you laying face down and squeezing your butt together as long and as hard as you possibly can. Your butt will tone up and you’ll lose some butt fat in just a few weeks If you hold your breath when doing these exercises, it’ll make them even more effective!

5. Cardiovascular & Weight Training

6. Spot Train Those Glutes

7. Try the 30-Second Rule

Instead of rushing through squats and lunges, hold for 30 seconds at the lowest point of the move.

8. Take It Sloooow

Slow down by pretending you’re underwater; take at least 4 counts to lower into a squat, and then 2 to 3 to come up. Your muscles will have time to fully contract, maximizing the move’s potential.

9. Do Mini-Workouts All Day Long

Try to make the most of mini breaks throughout my day. Keep a set of ankle weights in your desk drawer and do standing leg lifts or leg extensions during phone calls. Waiting in line at the bank becomes a chance to do calf raises; on walks, do lunges here and there. All those quickies add up to a better booty.

10. Tone While You Walk

With each step, when one leg extends behind you, keep your heel on the ground as long as possible. When you do lift your heel, roll through the foot, then push off with your toes. You’ll feel your glutes contract with every step.