It’s Ok to be Honest

honestMorning Inspiration….being honest with yourself is the first step of knowing yourself. When people are talking about you and it hits home because it is true, you only get bent out of shape because you have not been honest with yourself. One thing my grandmother always told me is that you can only be responsible for yourself. So, for me not get bent out of shape because of what people are talking about I always stay true to myself and knowing my faults, makes being honest a whole lot easier.

Iyanala Words of Wisdom….It is frightening to admit to yourself or anyone else that you have made a mistake, a poor choice, a bad decision, or that you have behaved irresponsibly. Confession opens the doors of your mind to spiritual light and moral strength. When you point out your own weaknesses, shortcomings, and human frailties, they cannot be used against you. Once you confess to yourself, you can forgive yourself. Once you forgive yourself, you open the channels of communication and enlightenment that can bring new information that leads to spiritual growth.