More and More like my Mother

a little bit like my motherMorning Inspiration….Being that I am almost 40 (scream from the mountain tops) I am learning the older I get the more I can see a little bit of my mothers in me. Now, the reason I say my mothers is because I grew up with two women in my life that were both considered my mothers. Of course my biological mother and then there was my aunt who was more like a second mom than an aunt. My mothers were two different women in their own way. My biological mom who is more reserved, knows her place and always support her family to the fullest regardless of the situation and on the other hand my 2nd mother is more vociferous, always saying whats on her mind and was very committed to her family as well. Having these ladies in my life have molded me into the woman that I am today…although I am still learning and growing everyday I am so proud to have these two beautiful women in my life that I can now say I’m growing to be more and more like them everyday.