10 Minute Workout

pump it upPump It Up

Stand holding a resistance band behind you, right hand overhead, left hand at butt, elbows bent, band taut. Extend right arm up and left arm down (as shown); return to start; 10 do reps 3 sets. Extend arms diagonally out to sides; return to start; 10 do reps 3 sets. Repeat on opposite side. Target: shoulders, triceps, back

super flyeSuper Flye

Stand with feet wide, holding a resistance band in both hands; hinge forward so back is almost parallel to floor, pulling hands out to sides so band is taut. Raise arms, squeezing shoulder blades together, until band is at chest (as shown). Return to start; repeat. Do 10 reps and 3 sets. Target:shoulders, triceps, chest, back